We put at your disposal, Intelligence, Consultancy and Management support in the following segments:

  • Protecting Agent for foreign Freight Forwarders intended to set new operations in Brazil.

  • Identification and Selection of the most reliable local companies to work on your project in Brazil under our coordination and supervision, including introducing and managing new partnership between your company and specialized local Project Freight Forwarders.

  • Establishing your Company’s new branch in Brazil, following a step by step supervision.

  • Strengthen the technical capacity of currently existing local branches of Freight Forwarders to operate project cargo logistics in profitable conditions.

  • Technical drawings interpretation.

  • Field Operation Management during Heavy Lifts and Critical transportation, discharge, loading, stowage, lifting, skidding and industrial rigging operation.

  • Vessel´s Chartering negotiation skills with major shipping lines.

  • Door to Door Logistics and supply chain consultancy and / or management.

  • Project Milestones Management.

  • Port and Terminals Operation.

  • Customs & Shipping Documentation Control according to customs clearances special regime or ex-tarifarios consultancy.

  • Request For Information (RFI) and Request For Quotation (RFQ) execution for new project tenders.

  • Vessel´s Stowage Plan Control.